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Taking your business to the next level.

Let's turn it around

From Red to Black 2

Book 4 in the losses to rofits  series
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Roll Up Your Sleeves & Fix the Problem!

The takeaway lessons in this illustrative story are sure to spark your ideas on how to turn a troubled company around and help you take proactive steps toward financial stability and profit.

One person can have an impact on a company!

In this book, Bob shares his profit-improvement skills and tasks with you so you can use them in your company or organization to improve your profits.

Taking the high road to success!

As you’ll learn in this third book in Robert S. Curry’s Losses to Profits series, solving “surface” business issues like these isn’t enough to turn a business around. 

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Bob Curry is renowned as an author and has written three books about his experience with turnarounds (Red to Black, The Turnaround, and The Turnaround 2). Bob is also a CEO coach, business mentor, and profit improvement (turnaround) expert. A seasoned executive, Bob has extensive management leadership, business consulting, and financial experience. This includes over 25 years of experience in the capacity of President, CEO, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Operating Officer of companies ranging in sales volume between $30 to $1.3 billion annually.

Bob gained a wide range of financial, operational, and organizational consulting management experience as well as exceptional experience in improving productivity, cost-cutting, and implementing policies and procedures to establish a system of accountability throughout the whole organization with one of the most respected consulting firms in the nation.

Specialties: Successfully accomplished 80 financial turnarounds for companies ranging from $5 million to $1.3 billion in annual sales. Demonstrated strong leadership skills as he created a successful business record in building value in companies in varied industries: Distribution, Service, Retail, Real Estate Development, and Health Care.


Bob has an undergraduate degree in Accounting (Business Administration) and a Master's Degree in Taxation from Widener University.


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